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Sign Up for eStatements

It’s time to simplify & de-clutter! Sign up for eStatements and you bank statement will go from your Mailbox to your inbox for an easily accessible, digital record.

To begin receiving your statements electronically, customers must first have an Online Banking account with ASB&T.  If you have an online account, please complete the enrollment process for eStatements or visit with a customer service representative today!

By agreeing to have your Bank Statements sent electronically, you also agree to notify American State Bank & Trust Company immediately of any change in your email address or any errors or problems you have receiving your information.

Let’s Begin…

First, log into your Online Banking account and go to the eStatement tab.  Next, complete the four segments of enrollment.

  1. Account(s) and Document Enrollment. By default, all document types are selected for all accounts. If you do not wish to receive all statements electronically, click Details and remove checkboxes beside the corresponding documents.
  2. Validate email address. When you update your email address here, the change carries through to the email address as listed on the NetConnect ID.
  3. Accept terms and disclosures. Review the terms and conditions, select the checkbox in front of ‘I agree to the listed terms’ and click Enroll Now to complete enrollment. *NOTE: Customers may click the link in the lower right hand corner to see a sample bank statement.*

Email Confirmation

Upon enrolling, you will receive an email message.  Please note in this example how the security phrase has been inserted into the subject line and the listing of enrolled accounts appears in the email body.

Additional Recipients

You may enroll up to three additional recipients for electronic documents.

  1. Select the Additional Recipients menu then click Add Additional Recipients.
  2. Assign the recipient a Username, Email Address and PIN. Click Save.

    Username: The additional recipient uses this as a login name when signing into the login shell that comes as an email attachment. It may not contain spaces or special characters.

    Email Address: The statement/notice login shell will be delivered to this email address.

    Access PIN: This is the initial password for logging into the PDF shell. Once logged in for the first time the additional recipient is prompted to change the password.
  3. Click Assign Documents.
  4. Place a check next to the documents you want the additional user to receive. Click Save Settings.

Receiving Documents

  1. When a statement is generated an email is sent to you.
  2. Click on the attachment. The login shell opens. Enter your online banking ID (either the 12 digit ID or the Personal ID) and your online banking password.
  3. The document opens within Adobe. Print or save the document if desired using the Adobe toolbar.