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Frank A. & M. Esther Wenstrom Foundation Grant


  • Charitable Organization Recognized by the IRS as such.
  • Charitable Organization from City of Williston only.
  • Community Grant Recipients Need To Complete An Application On A Project By Project Basis.

Selection Committee:

Marilyn McGinley
John H. MacMaster
Nancy R. Hoffelt

In 1998 Mrs. M. Esther Wenstrom and the American State Bank & Trust Company of Williston announced the creation of the Frank A. Wenstrom and M. Esther Wenstrom Foundation for the benefit of certain students and charitable organizations.
The late Mr. Wenstrom was a Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota in 1963-64, a former State Senator from District One, elected President of the North Dakota Constitutional Convention in 1971-72, and long-time Williston businessman who passed away on May 12, 1997. He was honored by the creation of the Frank A. Wenstrom Library for Student Research of State Government and received an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from UND. Mrs. Wenstrom died in January, 2002.
The Foundation, which has been granted tax-exempt status, has been funded with an undisclosed amount of property, the income from which will be distributed to graduates from high schools in Williams County or from Carrington High School, who are attending Williston State College or University of North Dakota. Charitable organizations from the Williston community will be able to apply for grants to fund or assist in worthwhile charitable projects.
The Wenstroms were married in Carrington in 1938 and moved to Williston shortly thereafter and made it their permanent residence. While they had no children, the Wenstroms have always been interested in education and youth. This Foundation and the endowment fund will serve to carry on this interest long after the principals are gone. The American State Bank & Trust Company of Williston serves as trustee of the Foundation.

If you have any questions or need further information or applications, please contact the Trustee. Completed applications should be submitted to the Trustee at:
American State Bank & Trust Co. of Williston
Attn: Trust Department
223 Main Street; P.O. Box 1446
Williston, ND 58802-1446
Ph: 701-774-4120 Fax: 701-774-4175