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Get Alerts about your account

The Alerts feature helps you stay up-to-date with your accounts by setting personalized alerts for transactions, balances, and usage.

Set personalized alerts on your accounts for balances, transactions, and usage to stay up-to-date.

  • Bill Pay Alerts-can be set up for various payment types within the Bill Pay section of your Digital Banking.
  • Transaction Alerts- allows you to set up notifications for debit and/or credit activity on your account. .
  • Balance Alerts – allows you to set up notifications when your account balance reaches a certain amount.
  • User Alerts – notifications pertaining to your account such as logins from a new device, or changes to passwords and personal information.

Benefits of Alerts

  • Helps to avoid overdrafts and associated fees by notifying you when your balance is low.
  • Avoid fraud by monitoring transactions on your debit and credit cards, and by notifying you when there is a login from a new device or when your password or personal information has been changed.

Setting up Alerts

  1. Log into your Digital Banking Account
  2. Click the account where you’d like to add alerts
  3. Select “Alert Preferences”
  4. Choose between “Balance Alerts” and “Transaction Alerts”
  5. Choose account activity you’d like to receive alerts about and how you wish to receive them.
  6. Click “Add Alert” and you’re done!