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Estate Planning

We can work with an attorney and/or a CPA of your choosing for estate planning and can also provide you with a list of attorneys and CPAs in the area that handle estate planning.

Estate planning is necessary to avoid estate taxes and to make it clear who is to receive your assets when you pass away.

Perhaps you want to start a foundation with some, or all, of your assets when you pass away. We can help you get that set up and manage your foundation to make sure it accomplishes what you envision. Or maybe you want to set up a trust to carry on ownership of your mineral interests or your farm for generations and to avoid probate each time a family member passes away.

American State Bank & Trust can act as a personal representative of your estate. As such, we would administer your estate in accordance with your last will and testament.

American State Bank & Trust can act as a trustee of your trust. The trust can be in place while you are living, or it could take effect after you pass away. We would administer your trust in accordance with your trust agreement.