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Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are an inexpensive and efficient way to electronically transfer funds from one bank to another.
Domestic wires procced within the cut-off times of the designated banks are typically available the same day.
Wire transfers can be done both domestically (within the United States) as well as internationally.

Wire Transfer services are provided at our Main Bank location.
What information is needed to do a wire transfer?

  • The Recipient’s full name and contact information
  • The recipient’s bank account information
  • The recipient’s wire ABA routing number

Be aware of wire transfer scams. Never provide your bank account details to unfamiliar or suspicious individuals. You should also avoid wiring money to people or businesses that you are unfamiliar with, especially if you have been asked to do so by suspicious phone calls or emails.

For more information call 701-774-4140 or email

For incoming wire instructions please call 701-774-4140