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Merchant Services

Real Solutions to Help Your Business Thrive!

American State Bank & Trust Company partners with BASYS Processing to provide credit card and debit card processing services and solutions that fit your business needs.

POS System Processing

If you need a Point of Sale system, ASB&T works with BASYS to provide a flexible and scalable app-based POS and business management solution that can be customized to fit your unique business and grow as your business grows.

Restaurant Processing

From fine dining to catering, and delivery to phone orders, BASYS can create a customized solution to fit your business needs. BASYS works with virtually all POS systems on the market.

POS System Integration 

If you already have a Point of Sale system, ASB&T works with BASYS to securely process transactions within your current POS. BASYS can work with almost every available POS system.

E-Commerce Processing

ASB&T and BASYS can help you implement a secure payment solution for your e-commerce business that meets your needs, while reducing the risks and costs of fraud and charge backs in the online world.

Terminal Processing

BASYS offers a complete lineup of the latest processing equipment, including EMV-compliant and NFC compatible terminals. ASB&T works with BASYS because its program supports all major payment types including debit cards with quick and reliable funding.

Mobile Processing

Whether it be processing on your tablet, smart phone, or via a dedicated wireless terminal, ASB&T works with BASYS to find a user friendly product to fit your needs while you are on the go.

Petroleum Processing

BASYS works with numerous petroleum processing systems with high-speed authorizations and innovative reporting to keep your service station running smoothly.

For more information call Elaine or Kathy at 701-774-4144.