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Mineral Management

Our Trust Officers have extensive experience managing mineral interests in western North Dakota and eastern Montana. We can work with an attorney of your choosing to establish a mineral trust and act as its trustee, or we can act as an agent on your behalf to manage your mineral interests.

We are knowledgeable of the market terms for oil and gas leases and can negotiate favorable terms including the lease bonus, term length, royalty percentage and other terms of the lease pertaining to how long the lease may be held for and which formations may be held by production. We handle any issues that may arise pertaining to production payments and title requirements.

We collect lease bonuses and production income, distribute income to you, send statements and production activity, provide online access, and withhold and submit North Dakota tax for out of state beneficiaries as required.

Vice President and Trust Manager Jeramy Hansen has 13 years of experience managing mineral interests in the Bakken area. You can rest assured that we have a knowledgeable staff managing your mineral interests with Jeramy, and the Trust Department team working for you.