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Getting Help and Buying Your Home

Get help with the home buying process. Understand what services you will receive and how much they will cost.

Putting together your team and finding a home

Have you ever thought about all of the people involved in helping you buy a home? There will be professionals to help with every step. Let American State Bank and Trust Co.’s Mortgage Team help you put together your Home Team!

  • Lender- Qualifies you for a loan. Also lends you the money to help you buy the home.
  • Real Estate Agent–Helps you find a home that meets your needs and wants. Manages the process of writing your offer on a home and represents you in negotiations with the seller. Manages the process of writing the real estate contract, searching the title, and conducting closing with the title insurance companies. You can select a real estate agent to be your buyer’s agent and work on your behalf, not the seller’s.
  • Appraiser– Provides an estimate of the home’s value. You can learn more about appraisers and what they do by searching on “understanding residential appraisals” at
  • Housing Inspector– Identifies key problems with the home before you buy it. For more information on home inspections, go to and search for “home inspection.” Include your state’s name in the search for state-specific information.
  • Housing Counselor– HUD-approved housing counselors provide advice on buying a home. They provide assistance at any stage of the home buying process, and contacting them early may help you get connected to down payment assistance and other resources. It may be helpful to consult with a housing counselor before working with a lender. Call 1-800-569-4287 or visit
  • Attorney– The attorney’s role varies depending on state law and local practices. It may include writing the real estate contract, searching the title, and conducting the closing.
  • Title Insurance Agent– Researches the title of the property to make sure the seller has the right to sell it.
  • Insurance Agent– Determines whether the property can be covered by insurance and how much the insurance will cost.

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