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Meet Our Team

Board of Directors

Back Row, from left: Senior VP/ Chief Lending Officer Jeff Leuthold, Rick Tofte, Ryan Geltel, Ken Kjos, Chairman of the Board Patrick O. Sogard, and Rick Braaten. 
Seated, from left: Laurie Furuseth, VP/ Chief Financial Officer Lori Klassen, President & CEO David Hanson, Tamara Davidson Sogard, and Earl Rennerfeldt.


Senior Administration

  • Jeffrey Leuthold

    Jeffrey Leuthold

    Senior Vice President
    Chief Lending Officer

  • Lori Klassen

    Lori Klassen

    Vice President
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Rachael Studsrud

    Rachael Studsrud

    Vice President
    Chief Information Officer

Administration & Human Resources

Deposit Operations

  • Sarah Kemmet

    Sarah Kemmet

    Asst. Vice President
    Deposit Operations Manager

Teller Operations

Customer Service


Retail Banking Services & Electronic Banking

  • Ashley Hansen

    Ashley Hansen

    Asst. Vice President
    Retail Banking Manager

  • Kathy Casto

    Kathy Casto

    Asst. Vice President
    Electronic Banking Manager

  • Carrie Dick

    Carrie Dick

    Electronic Banking Representative

  • Asia Stair

    Asia Stair

    Electronic Banking Representative

  • Josey Nickles

    Josey Nickles

    Electronic Banking Representative

Card Services

Safety Deposit and Collections

Loan Operations

  • Lindsey Johnson

    Lindsey Johnson

    Asst. Vice President
    Loan Operations Officer

Consumer Lending

Ag Lending

Commercial Lending

Commercial & Ag Lending Assistants

Real Estate Lending

  • Meghan Wenker

    Meghan Wenker

    Asst. Vice President
    Real Estate Loan Manager

  • Heather Rider

    Heather Rider

    Assistant Real Estate Loan Officer

  • Kimberly Cox

    Kimberly Cox

    Real Estate Loan Processor


Raymond James Financial Services Inc.

  • Aaron Schmit

    Aaron Schmit

    Financial Advisor
    Raymond James Financial Services

  • James Laqua

    James Laqua

    Financial Advisor
    Raymond James Financial Services

  • Janna Lutz

    Janna Lutz

    Financial Advisor
    Raymond James Financial Services

  • Bailey Rogers

    Bailey Rogers

    Customer Service Specialist
    Raymond James Financial Services


Internal Audit

Informational Technology/Information Security

Team Mascots