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Scam Alert–Mortgage Postcard

It’s come to our attention that some American State Bank & Trust Co. customers have received a postcard in the mail asking for their immediate response to a mortgage issue. Rest assured, these postcards are not from ASB&T—this postcard is part of a SCAM!


  • Do not call the number listed on the card
  • Do not use the Mortgage ID# in any correspondence
  • Do not respond with any personal information

You can see in the bottom right corner of the card–ASB&T has nothing to do with this request and it did not originate from ASB&T. If you have any concerns, please give our Real Estate department a call at 701-774-4139.

ASB&T will not send you a postcard requesting personal or loan information.

ASB&T will not display any personal information on a mailing for anyone to see. Your banking information is confidential.